The Long Road Ahead - Reena Gibson

Right at the end of August my long awaited very first book "The Long Road Ahead" was finally finished and published on Amazon.

It talks in detail about some of the struggles of growing up in a loving home that became broken when in my early teens, and also of the struggle of realising I was somehow different to how people viewed me. I wasn't that young boy anymore that everyone thought I was, I was really a girl inside, trapped, playing out the gender role that society wanted to see me as.

Then one day it all came out, I just couldn't take it any more, I needed to make changes in my life. But there was a problem too. I was twenty four, madly in love with this girl I met three years before, and we were due to get married just seven months later. How could I break the news to her, without breaking her heart? How could I stay true to myself, be the girl I always should've been from birth, and when was this nightmare going to end?

My book is available on Amazon as a Kindle or paperback edition https://amzn.to/2Oxrn2t

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