Oooh Ahh, just a little bit.

WOW, my first ever blog, whatever shall I post? Being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century can take its toll on a girl.

Anyway, let's not waste any time...

I'm quite eclectic in most things. I'm a songwriter, musician and singer. I also write too and I published my very first book in 2015 "The Long Road Ahead", you must read it sometime.

I also love computers and electronics, but most recently I'm also rediscovering an old passion for programming too, something I've not touched on since my teens. That was quite a long time ago. Current projects I'm working on is a home automation system based on the Arduino Nano and a Raspberry Pi, it's going quite well even if it has turned out to be quite a steep learning curve.

Oh yes, I occassionally like to blow things up in my own back yard too (see the blog about fireworks).